Friday, 1 August 2014

Offers Africa Ltd

Offers Africa, officially founded in Dec 2013 will revolutionize your shopping experience! Offers Africa is a unique, dynamic online platform that aims to put ‘Businesses on the Map’! We believe Offers Africa is the only platform of its kind, which brings verified businesses and customers together in one place.
Customers are easily able to find verified businesses that provide items/services they require, businesses on the Offers Africa platform provide mostly exclusive offers to their customers by way of offer codes, these offers can be redeemed directly in store.
Customers are now able to get great deals without the worry about shopping online! Businesses also gain the much sought after target based advertising exposure and footfall directly to their businesses.
True to its motto: Offers Africa – Saving You Money Everywhere!

Offers Africa Ltd

Get Online Deals in Kenya At Attractive Prices :

In contemporary times, many businesses have emerged in Kenya and in the age of the web, these are listed in the local business directory namely Offers Africa. Individuals or group interested in availing quality products and services from these service providers need to log in to the business directory in order to procure offer codes that can be redeemed upon a visit to a nearby retail store or shop. One can browse offers by categories like advertising and promotion, automobiles, building maintenance materials and hardware, education, fashion, food and groceries, health and beauty, gifts and flowers, music, film and photography, office furniture, home and garden, power products and industrial equipments, sports, technology, books and stationery, toys and games, travels, hotels and leisure and make important deals in Kenya using the local business listing.

Avail The Latest Fashion in Kenya With The Best Fashion Store

Fashion is cherished by old, young, male and female globally including Kenya. This is evident by the fact that the African country is infested with fashion stores, shops, malls. In this age of the web, the different fashion businesses like Kumus collection Ltd, Fabric gallery, Sapphire collections Ltd, Runway Ltd, Impressions Lingerie, Store 66, Rinda Ltd, Kooroo Ltd are listed in the local business listing namely Offers Africa. These businesses engage in the sale of varied fashion accessories like party, day, work, maxi dresses, blouses, tops, skirts, jackets, shoes, sandals, boots, wedges, flat, formal, high heel shoes, corduroy and denim trousers, drawstring dresses. Fashion in Kenya implies interested customers signing in to the local business directory and procuring coupon codes that can be redeemed later upon a visit to nearby shopping stores and malls.