Monday, 29 December 2014

Enjoy Winter of Africa, Avail Online Offers on Hotel and Travel Services in Kenya

Christmas celebrations are still on and new year's just around the corner! What better an occasion do you need to visit Africa, land of the rising sun?

And if you are still wondering what and how to relish upon this beautiful land, here are three of Africa's most famous locations for Winter tourism, in a nutshell-

 The Samburu National Reserve:
Located in Northern Kenya, this place is beautiful and peaceful. It is famous for its wildlife, which is supported by River Ewaso Nyiro flowing through the country that sometimes even invites crocodiles from River Nile. Samburu is a lot about deep forests and grassland vegetation. It is the home of the lion, the cheetah and the leopard along with buffalos, elephants and hippos.

To enjoy the scenic beauty and wildlife of Samburu National Reserve, avail onlineoffers for your stay. A lot of hotel and travel services in Kenya, which have been listed on business listing websites, can be googled via the Internet and discounts availed on lodging packages. One such service is Ashnil Hotels Limited, which offers camping opportunities in Samburu. You can have your camp set up at the right spot on the banks of River Ewaso Nyiro and enjoy the beautiful view to your heart's content.

The Masai Mara National Reserve:
A visit to the continent is just incomplete without a trip to the Masai Mara National Reserve. It is one of the top travel destinations of Africa and Kenya's most famous game park. It is the land of the 'Great Migration,' which witnesses the annual migration of an unbelievable number of zebras and wildebeests from the Serengeti ecosystem of Tanzania from July to October.

For easy traveling you can avail offers in Kenya on flights to Masai Mara via services like Safarilink Aviation, which is a premier safari airline of the country. It offers connecting flights between domestic scheduled services and all safari destinations within the country and across northern Tanzania. The company also offers private charter flights and packages inclusive of accommodation and taxes.

Lamu Island:
This land is an almost unsullied part of the country's Lamu Archipelago. It contains the country's oldest living town, the Lamu Town, that has successfully managed to retain its antique charm all these years. Interestingly, there aren't any roads on the island. You'll encounter only alleys and footpaths. Hence, the number of vehicles, too, are less. The best way to plan a tour around the island is to walk on foot. Alternatively, you can also take a boat and hire a donkey for your goods – the most common mode of material transport on Lamu Island. And, of course, the best way to travel to this place is by a flight.

Africa's famous for its wildlife, the savanna and safaris. It's more of a dramatic golden land of lush greenery, deserts, snow, corals and yes, the beautiful colorful tribes. So, what are you waiting for? Karibuni Africa!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Offers on Technology item like Laptops from various computer sellers in Kenya

Shopping has always been a fanciful thing for women. As one will find no woman in this world who does not love to go for shopping. As a result, certain shopping destinations like Singapore or Dubai are a huge hit for the shopaholics. Not to leave behind the men folk, as they love to shop for recent and updated versions of  technological gadgets that come out in the market.

offers on Technology item

We have seen a recent trend of people slowly shifting their loyalty to online shopping than the traditional one. This paradigm shift is because of the benefit that online-shopping  provides for the shoppers. It has made the shopping experience fun loving, simple and straightforward for them. They can remain away from the maddening crowd and shop in a relaxed manner from the solace of their home .

Online shopping in Kenya is hugely prominent as it permits purchasers to shop amid their leisure time. It likewise spares them from the bother of dealing. The majority of the organizations is recorded on a few directories that offers a mixed bag of arrangements for the users. Therefore it furnishes with an immeasurable mixed bag of items; going from style accomplices to apparel, books to machines or laptops, bikes to bicycles and autos.

With various shopping portals coming up in the competitive market, who is offering lucrative online shopping deals in Kenya round the clock. In Kenya, various business houses are offering online shopping facilities along with lucrative deals and discounts for the people. They generally provide the customers with free coupon codes or vouchers that might be reclaimed by them by demonstrating to it at the detailed outlet. A few shops offer an immense decrease in the value while others give little rebates. These rebates are as special codes.

Technological advancement has made a huge impact on the global front. As a result the Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta, made a statement of making laptops or computer desktops accessible to primary school students. Having a right to gain entrance to machines or laptops will help the Kenyan understudies to usher into the computerized age that will empower them to get up and go to Vision 2030. In this 21st, century one needs to be machine educated. As a result various shops are now giving huge discounts, deals, or offers on Technology item.

Shopping for branded computer or its accessories might be a dull employment, if one does not know which shops offer the best items at a magnificent cost. It is therefore prudent to  look through different online indexes that furnishes guests with a rundown of shopping lists focused around their prerequisites and area.  These catalogs contain the name of different shops, who are the computer sellers in Kenya. With various shops in and around Nairobi, to look over that offers interesting coupon codes for clients, which they can recover by revealing to it at the said outlets.

Some of the prominent electronic stores in Nairobi, like , A-Tech Limited, PC World which are full fledged IT store deals in laptops, desktops, scanners, printers, and other accessories. They also  give offers on laptops in Kenya from time to time. Microcity (K) Ltd also deals on batteries and adapters. It also provides laptop screen replacing and repairing services. These stores usually offer discounts on branded laptops like Dell, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Samsung and HP products.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Offers Africa Ltd

Offers Africa, officially founded in Dec 2013 will revolutionize your shopping experience! Offers Africa is a unique, dynamic online platform that aims to put ‘Businesses on the Map’! We believe Offers Africa is the only platform of its kind, which brings verified businesses and customers together in one place.
Customers are easily able to find verified businesses that provide items/services they require, businesses on the Offers Africa platform provide mostly exclusive offers to their customers by way of offer codes, these offers can be redeemed directly in store.
Customers are now able to get great deals without the worry about shopping online! Businesses also gain the much sought after target based advertising exposure and footfall directly to their businesses.
True to its motto: Offers Africa – Saving You Money Everywhere!

Offers Africa Ltd

Get Online Deals in Kenya At Attractive Prices :

In contemporary times, many businesses have emerged in Kenya and in the age of the web, these are listed in the local business directory namely Offers Africa. Individuals or group interested in availing quality products and services from these service providers need to log in to the business directory in order to procure offer codes that can be redeemed upon a visit to a nearby retail store or shop. One can browse offers by categories like advertising and promotion, automobiles, building maintenance materials and hardware, education, fashion, food and groceries, health and beauty, gifts and flowers, music, film and photography, office furniture, home and garden, power products and industrial equipments, sports, technology, books and stationery, toys and games, travels, hotels and leisure and make important deals in Kenya using the local business listing.

Avail The Latest Fashion in Kenya With The Best Fashion Store

Fashion is cherished by old, young, male and female globally including Kenya. This is evident by the fact that the African country is infested with fashion stores, shops, malls. In this age of the web, the different fashion businesses like Kumus collection Ltd, Fabric gallery, Sapphire collections Ltd, Runway Ltd, Impressions Lingerie, Store 66, Rinda Ltd, Kooroo Ltd are listed in the local business listing namely Offers Africa. These businesses engage in the sale of varied fashion accessories like party, day, work, maxi dresses, blouses, tops, skirts, jackets, shoes, sandals, boots, wedges, flat, formal, high heel shoes, corduroy and denim trousers, drawstring dresses. Fashion in Kenya implies interested customers signing in to the local business directory and procuring coupon codes that can be redeemed later upon a visit to nearby shopping stores and malls.